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Enjoy unique and unforgettable experiences.

Be apprentice farmers or gardeners, as you wish! Discover nature and farm animals through various activities.

My Private Resort

Farm animals

During your stay, you can participate in the care and feeding of farm animals. Educational sheets will give you practical information and guide you on how to take care of each animal. Apprentice gardeners can take the opportunity to collect herbs and other produce from the vegetable garden to feed the rabbits and chickens.

My Private Resort

The henhouse

Find out everything you need to know about taking care of hens (advice on daily care and feeding them well) and gathering their eggs, including when to pick them up, how to know if an egg is fresh, how long it will keep, etc… After having collected the eggs, you can use them in a recipe or enjoy them for breakfast.

My Private Resort

The vegetable garden

Plant, harvest and savour seasonal produce. The vegetable garden is a fun and educational activity for everyone. Onsite, you will find all the gardening tools (gloves, apron, watering can, dibber, shovel, rake, etc.) necessary to sow the seeds, as well as educational sheets to guide you. Your children can discover another facet of nature by growing a few vegetables and will have the opportunity to learn the sowing and harvest dates for each season.

My Private Resort


Take advantage of the sauna located in the middle of the garden and relax after a day of discovery. Enjoy a picnic by the pond or in our orchard, read a book under the stars or on the terrace of our safari tents.

My Private Resort


Go for a walk through the grounds of our resorts or along the country lanes. Work out in the fitness space, get to know the animals, and burn off a few calories in the private pool heated throughout the year.

My Private Resort


Discover Normandy by electric bike and marvel at the beauty of the surrounding villages.