My Private Resort | Commitments and philosophy


Acting toward responsible tourism 


The protection of animals

My Private Resort | Commitments and philosophy

Our philosophy

We want to develop and defend responsible, committed, and positive tourism. We offer alternative products while maintaining the quality of our services. Quality partners have been carefully selected; from these, we source all the comforts our guests expect during their stay. Here are some examples of eco-responsible actions that we have implemented in our resorts: 

• Products of natural and organic origin.

• Rainwater harvesting.

• Grey water recycling.

• Electricity production derived from solar power.

• Sorting of waste.

• Zero single-use plastics.

• Providing experiences that raise awareness about consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables.

• Using horse manure to fertilize an organic vegetable garden.

• Implementation of the principles of permaculture.

• Establishment of a wildflower meadow to promote biodiversity.

• Salt electrolysis process used for swimming pool maintenance.

• Promotion of local and rural produce (short supply chains).

•  Everything is done to provide for our animals' care, protection, well-being, and dignity.


My Private Resort | Commitments and philosophy